Declaration of public interest regarding dolutegravir
August 25 2023

In June of this year and by means of resolution 881 of 2023, an administrative procedure of declaration of reasons of public interest was initiated to submit the patents of medicines whose active ingredient is Dolutegravir to compulsory licensing.

During the term established for this purpose, the holder of the patents and other interested third parties submitted comments and requested the decree of certain tests. Likewise, during said term, the Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development Laboratories (AFIDRO), requested the revocation of the resolution.

Last Friday, August 18, the Interinstitutional Technical Committee (led by the Ministry of Health) issued an order in which it rejects such request for revocation as improper, and makes a decision regarding the request for evidence, in which several of the testimonial and documentary evidence provided by AFIDRO and the patent holder were rejected. The Committee is expected to issue its opinion in the coming weeks.