2022 Corruption Perception Index
February 10 2023
corruption perception

Transparency International published its Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) for the year 2022. This report shows that the level of perceived corruption remains unchanged for the 11th consecutive year worldwide.

The CPI also reveals that a significant part of the world is still not fully engaged into the fight against corruption: an estimated 95% of the surveyed countries have only achieved null or minimal progress. The CPI also demonstrates the correlation between violence and corruption. Countries with the lowest violence rates have little corruption.

For Colombia, the country scored 39 points (unchanged since 2020) and ranks 91st out of 180. Despite new legal measures such as the obligation to implement business transparency and ethics programs, the public and private sectors still need to strengthen their anticorruption culture and invest in these compliance systems, with key areas for improvement such as internal investigations and whistleblower systems.