Copyright registry, locally and internationally

7 July, 2023
copyright registration
In the ever-evolving landscape of creativity and innovation, protecting your intellectual property is more crucial now than ever before. Protecting your original work is not just about gaining legal rights, but also about maintaining the integrity of your creations. We know that the world of copyright can seem like a maze. However, as a starting point, understanding local and international registration can illuminate the path to safeguarding your intellectual property. In this article we summarize local and international copyright registration, explaining the importance of each and the steps you need to take to secure these rights.

Local copyright registration: why and how?

Why Local Registration Matters:

Local copyright registration protects your work in your home country. It’s the foundation for any international claims you might pursue.

The process:

In short, the process of local registration consists of three main steps: Identification, application and review.


Ensure what you’re registering can be copyrighted. Common copyrightable works include literature, music, films, and photographs.


Submit your work, application form, and any relevant fees to the local copyright office.


The copyright office will review your application and grant a certificate of registration once approved.

International Copyright Registration: Venturing Beyond Borders

With globalization, your work isn’t just confined to one country. Here’s how you can protect it internationally:

Berne Convention:

Originating in 1886, this international agreement ensures that works are protected in all signatory countries. When you register in one member country, you’re automatically protected in all others. However, each nation might have slight variances in how they apply and interpret the protection.

WIPO’s Copyright Treaty (WCT):

This global agreement is like the Berne Convention but has updates tailored to the digital age. The WCT focuses on computer programs and databases.

Benefits of Copyright Registration:

Having a copyright registration can have many benefits for you, as creative owner of your work. Here we present some of them:

Proof of Ownership

Registration is concrete evidence of ownership, vital for legal disputes.

Eligibility for Statutory Damages

If someone infringes on your copyright, having it registered can allow for statutory damages, which can often be higher than actual damages.

Public Record

Registration makes your copyright a matter of public record, deterring potential infringers.

Tips for Successful Registration:

We know this process might seem overwhelming, but we have three tips we know can help you in the process.

Stay Updated

Copyright laws evolve. Stay informed, especially when dealing with international rights.


Seek Expert Help

Engaging professionals, like those from our intellectual property firm, can ensure a smooth process.

Digital Work Precautions

Digital work requires additional care due to its reproducibility. Use watermarks, digital rights management, and other protective tools.
Your work is a testament to your creativity and effort. Protecting it through local and international copyright registration not only provides legal safeguards but also peace of mind. Here, at OlarteMoure, we specialize in protecting intellectual property, including copyright. We can assist you in the whole process of copyright registration, so do not hesitate to contact us!