Copyright to AI art
October 06 2022
copyright to AI

New York artist Kris Kashtanova requested for a comic that she created through artificial intelligence to be registered before the United States Copyright Office, amid latent uncertainty about whether it would be granted or not.

In recent years, there has been a debate about whether the works created through these programs can be registered, since they do not imply a creation that is 100% the product of the human intellect and with which third-party work is often used to carry out the final product.

The position of the US has focused on the notion the works must be created by a human, therefore those that are produced by a machine, and do not have human contributions in their creation, are not registrable.

On September 24, the copyright requested by Kashtanova was granted, a decision that sets an important precedent for the elaboration and development of products from now on, given the ethical and legal problems that the intervention of artificial intelligence has generated in art.