ChatGPT under inspection
May 19 2023
chatgpt under scrutiny

The Ibero-American Data Protection Network (“RIPD”) will coordinate a joint action among the 16 personal data protection authorities that compose it, under ChatGPT, a service developed by the company OpenAl OpCo, LLC. The above, considering that this service could create risks to the privacy of its users. Some aspects to be reviewed are: (i) the purposes for the processing of personal information; (ii) the implementation of adequate security and confidentiality measures; (iii) the difficulty for the data subjects to exercise their rights; (iv) the transfers of personal data to unauthorized third parties; and, (v) the absence of age control measures to prevent minors from using the platform.

From Colombia, the Colombian Superintendence of Industry and Commerce initiated an investigation to verify if ChatGPT complies with the Colombian Data Protection Regulation. Likewise, this authority recommended users to make responsible use of the service, so that they review the information processing policy and consider the need to provide personal information.