Argentina steps up on data privacy
April 21 2023
data privacy

The inaugural meeting of the Privacy Symposium took place on April 17 in Venice, serving as a platform for dialogue and cooperation on privacy and data protection. A significant focus of the symposium was the adjustment of Convention 108, originally signed in 1981 with the aim of safeguarding the rights and freedoms of individuals whose personal data is processed. Over the years, Convention 108 has undergone modifications to address the challenges posed by new technologies and to enhance its effective implementation.

During the symposium, one notable development was Argentina’s ratification of Convention 108, becoming the 23rd country to do so and the second country in the Americas to join. This move by Argentina is driven by the need to ensure the dignity and privacy of data subjects in the digital age, where information is increasingly exposed to risks such as discrimination and data breaches.

The modernization of Convention 108 prompted discussions on its impact on international adequacy and transfer of personal data, leading to valuable insights and recommendations for processing of such data.