Infographic | Anticounterfeiting and Antipiracy in a digital era in Colombia

16 March, 2021

If you need brand protection in Colombia, this information might be useful:

Colombian Customs’ Authorities issue alerts by email. Ask your attorney to include your email address as a reference for authorities, so you receive the same alerts your attorney gets.

Training sessions in Colombia are still necessary. This way authorities will remember your trademark and provide a way for you to clearly show what your company is doing and what your main products are. Authorities are always curious about your products.

Create trademark alerts for your main brands, block them on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.

Request verification of your account from social media. Create local accounts in Colombia to connect with local consumers.

Do perform take-downs but do further research. Before taking down piracy and counterfeit products, try to get as much information as possible as to the source of infringement. Colombian counterfeiters tend to open multiple accounts.

Teach them how to spot counterfeits. Some may say you are telling counterfeiters how to better copy your brand, but the truth is most Colombian consumers don’t want to be caught by friends using counterfeits.

Many cases remain under the radar if you do not have local counsel helping you know the market

Take advantage on this to request purchasing licenses.

Colombian consumers relate easily with people. 

While you may get no answer to cease and desist letters, Colombian companies fear missing a conciliation hearing given a no show will generate a bad inference if the case goes to court.

Even if your software has been illegally copied, it will have a software license agreement where you can include clauses or sections where users can accept to have its mobile or computer station report a pirated copy was used.

Data is one of the most valuable assets in this era.

Pirates tend to focus on software programs that are lenient by authorities or attorneys.

Otherwise, pirate broadcasters will create different channels and make them available to users onlines.

Finding out who is behind illegal broadcasts takes time and sometimes complex investigation.

The Colombian judicial system works so that plaintiffs have enough evidence and information before filing and most of the discovery must be done before suing.

Illegal broadcasts and request preliminary injunctions which are easily granted if you are able to link the illegal broadcast with an individual.

You have better chances with Police forces, who have special units devoted to digital crime

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