Though best known for its patent prowess, OlarteMoure also wins warm commendations in the trademark area. The “break-out firm” has done much to transform and improve the Colombian IP landscape over the past decade. It can transact routine filings as quickly and confidently as anyone, but shines brightest on sophisticated matters: “It’s great at tackling new challenges and always does well in the tough cases.” This is why billion-dollar outfits such as Grupo Nutresa give it custody of their brands; with a presence in over 100 jurisdictions – and the largest trademark portfolio in Colombia – Nutresa presents no shortage of obstacles for the enterprising OlarteMoure crew to overcome. An added advantage is the strong competition law capability blended into its trademark practice. In-house counsel are effusive in their praise of academic high-achiever Felipe Acosta ,  who coordinates the soft IP section: “He applies careful analysis in every case, while really focusing on your commercial needs. He is great at proposing unorthodox strategies that might yield better results than more tried-and-tested methods, and has very good relationship with the Colombian unfair competition authorities.” Also extolled is IP captain Juan Moure, a commercial, antitrust and IP law expert with several high-profile public sector positions on his résumé.