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7 marzo, 2023
privacy enhancing technology
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What are PETs?

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Privacy-enhancing technologies are tools and techniques designed to protect users’ personal data and privacy by enabling the analysis and sharing of insights within data, without sharing the data itself.
They minimize the use of data as they maximize its control.

Why are they useful?

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They allow people’s data to be extracted, but not to be tracked back to them, which increases the security of personal information.

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How do they work?

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They protect data while at rest on the file system and in transit and it moves through the network. They can take many forms.
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Homomorphic encryption

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AI-generated synthetic data
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Secure multi-party computation
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Federated learning
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Differential privacy
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Examples of three practical use cases of PETs

Data Sharing

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With PETs, organizations can perform encrypted searches while ensuring personal customer information is never exposed outside its original jurisdiction.
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Inter organizational collaboration
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Entities can securely cross-match or analyze disparate data holdings and extract value without fear of exposing sensitive information.
Third-party usage in due diligence
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PETs can ensure the protection of the sensitive data exchanged during due diligence, keeping the information confidential through encryption, obfuscation, and anonymization.
They also protects data integrity by verifying of the authenticity of documents to ensure they have not been tampered with.
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