Metaverse, Forgery and NFTs
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The Metaverse and the NFTs are the present and they are negotiated, generate money and finally they bring a user experience never seen before.

Brands and artists who produce original works are doing impersonators and counterfeiters a favor by refusing to enter the Metaverse and use NFTs. If you are not sure of how it works and are not an artist, or a brand owner, creating an NFT is useful, even if not for sale.

Currently, the world of the Metaverse is a replica of real consumption, this implies that the user must fall in love digitally instead of falling in love with brand loyalty. When a brand or product enters this virtual universe, it sends a message of transparency and exclusivity.

The first step to fight counterfeiting and infringement in the world of the Metaverse and NFT´s is for brands to replicate the physical experiences they want to transfer to their users, but now in this digitized universe.

The appreciation of a one-minute photo is obsolete, the trend is navigation. Dedicate time to be consumed in the experience. Due to this, brands have an enormous opportunity to show within the Metaverse what they seek to convey with their product in the real world this gives them an advantage over counterfeiters, which often ignore what is behind the brand.

The real ingredients for success are unseen by the counterfeiter who only physically counterfeits, but cannot imitate the experience that the mark seeks to convey for consumers.


Juan Felipe Acosta

J. Felipe Acosta
Partner | Litigation and ADR Director