Infographic | Permit for audiovisual filming

30 January, 2023
Permit for audiovisual filming

Do you intend to film in Bogota’s publlic space? If so, it is important that you apply for the Unified Permit for Audiovisual Filming PUFA (by its acronym in Spanish).

You can apply for this permit online, on the SUMA platform, from the Bogota Film Commission, part of Idartes. Here, we’ll tell you the steps you must follow to obtain the PUFA, so you can successfully shoot your production.

How to get your permit?

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Create your username on the website:

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Choose the type of permit:


401mt2 locations, more than 91 people on set for a period longer than 3 days.

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  • 400mt2 locations, with 90 people on set.
  • 2 days: maximum time in the location.
  • Does not require closing any principal or secondary road.
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Register your project's information

  • AProduction schedule and the address of the Location you wish to shoot in.
  • AContact information of the Responsible for the Permit, the Location, and the Relations with the community.
  • AThe waste that may be generated during filming days.
  • ABlueprints and pictures of the Location.

The use of the IDRD scenarios requires the submission of a Special Plan + the additional information requested by the platform.

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Manage your project's traffic impact

Present a Transit Management Plan (PMT by its acronym in spanish) when there is an impact on the mobility system or closure of sidewalks. Keep in mind the following:

  • Location of the shooting area with a map of the filming spaces.
  • Detailed pictures of the public space you will use.
  • Technical site plan, which must include the measurements of the sidewalk, the road, and signs of the project.
  • The Socialization Act signed by the residents of the area where the shooting will take place.

If your Location is a “Public Natural Space”, the PUFA will ask you for an Environmental Management Plan (PMA by its acronym in spanish), along with the additional information!

Always keep in mind:

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The maps of the public spaces requested by the platform can be taken from Google Maps.

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Describe in detail the filming activities in the permit. For example, indicate if your permit requires the location’s lighting, parking areas, and any other special conditions.

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Keep the PUFA permit always visible and in hand on the filming set.

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Socialize with the community and its residents the activities you will carry out in the public space.
Remember that the residents are your best ally to successfuññy achieve the filming you want.

Do you need advice on processing your permit?

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