Infographic | 11 golfers filed an antitrust complaint against the PGA Tour
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On june 9th, the PGA tour announced it would suspend 17 players who participated in the inaugural LIV Golf Invitational  Series event, indicating that the players infringed the PGA Tour’s Tournament Regulations.

After this, Phil Mickelson and ten other professional golfers filed a federal antitrust complaint against the PGA Tour, arguing that their professional careers were significantly harmed by being suspended from the PGA Tour due to participating in the LIV Golf Invitational Series.

The complaint argues that the PGA Tour unfairly controls players with anti-competitive restrictions to protect its prolonged monopoly in professional golf.

Anti-competitive practices
claimed by the golfers

According to the complaint, the golfers claimed that the practices of the PGA Tour consist in:

1. Diminishing competition for their services and reinforcing the monopoly power of the PGA Tour on which the golfers sell those services.

2. Denying the income-earning opportunities to the golf players, and tournament performance opportunities.

3. Harming their reputations, goodwill and brands.



What are these professional golfers seeking in the complaint?

These golfers seek to have their suspensions lifted to compete in the tournaments arranged by the PGA Tour, and economic compensation for the damages created by the decision of the main professional golf tours organization of the United States.

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