Why can’t you use a photo that’s not yours?

18 agosto, 2023
photography day

Have you ever wondered why you can’t just use any photo you find online?

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On World Photography Day, let’s explore the world of intellectual property and photography rights to grasp why respecting creators’ work matters.

Understanding Intellectual Property:

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Intellectual Property
Safeguards creative works, forming the bedrock of copyrights, including photographs.
Intellectual Property
Grants creators exclusive rights to their work. Using a photo without permission infringes upon these rights.

Commercial use red flags:

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Using a photo for profit without consent might breach copyright law.

Social media challenges:

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In the fast-paced realm of the internet, constant sharing complicates copyright management.


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What about memes?

«Meme culture thrives in the grey areas of intellectual property protection.»

– The National Law Review

Online sharing blurs lines, but remember that content on the internet isn’t automatically free to use, and online platforms uphold their specific regulations.
Exceptions to prior authorization
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Fair use, fair dealing and exceptions
Context is key
Exceptions to prior authorization let you use photos without permission sometimes, but they depend on the context.
Within boundaries
These exceptions often apply to educational purposes, criticism, and commentary. It’s like taking a character from a story and giving them new lines!


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Using Google images or assuming online content is up for grabs can lead to trouble.
Always know when to share what!
Understanding copyright rules safeguards both creators and users.

Celebrate ethical sharing this

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