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9 febrero, 2024
pizza day
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Why does pizza come in cardboard boxes? How did we come to enjoy pizza the way we do today? While the origins of National Pizza Day remain shrouded in mystery, one thing’s for sure—we all know how to relish a good slice.

In the spirit of celebrating this beloved day, let’s explore some of the fabulous inventions that have played a role in shaping our modern—and cozy—pizza experience.

Frozen pizza


Bucci Joseph

Date of Patent:
Aug. 10th, 1950

frozen pizza

Joseph Bucci’s 1950 patent changed the game. Introducing an edible sealing agent, Bucci tackled the issue of soggy dough during quick-freezing, ensuring a delightful taste and texture in every frozen slice. This innovation marked a turning point in pizza convenience, setting the stage for the evolution of frozen pizza.

Pizza dough spreader


Pacilio Salvatore

Date of Patent:
Mar. 14th, 1966

dough spreader
The groundbreaking patent that revolutionized pizza production – Salvatore’s circular conveyor from 1939.

Before Salvatore’s invention, pizza-making was a more manual and labor-intensive process. Pizzaiolos crafted each pizza by hand. This pioneering invention introduced a circular conveyor system that automated the pizza production process, allowing for efficient and mass manufacturing of pizzas.

tiered pizza box


Gabriel Duarte

Date of Patent:
Apr. 23rd, 2019

pizza box
Four pizzas distributed in two boxes each? Yes, please. This invention offers a unique design capable of carrying two full pizzas simultaneously. This innovative pizza box features multiple layers or tiers, providing a convenient solution for transporting and packaging multiple pizzas in a single container.

dual scissor with lifter


Calvin T. Liu

Date of Patent:
Apr. 06th, 2021

pizza scissors
Designed for efficiently cutting and lifting pizza slices, this product consists of two scissors, one for each hand, enabling the simultaneus cutting of both sides of a wedge-shaped pizza slice. Adjustable size supports positioned between the scissors facilitate the immediate lifting of the slice, ensuring a convenient and even cutting experience.

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