Carlos Parra

(Head of Tokyo Office)


1. Carlos, you had lived in Japan for about 5 years: after living in Colombia for almost
ten years, what has it been like to return?

Japan has always been my second home. I am married to a Japanese natural so my everyday life has always involved Japan in most aspects: the food, the traditions, the language, the culture. Moving back to Japan doesn’t feel like moving abroad, it feels like coming back home!

2. Has the fact that both your wife and son are Japanese nationals there made it easier for you to adapt?
Yes, very much so. My wife and my son have supported our return to Japan. My wife has provided very valuable help whenever my understanding of any cultural aspect has been wrong or misguided.  Particularly in business settings I feel that every day I become more of a “hybrid” culturally speaking….

3. What are your expectations as you face the challenge of leading OlarteMoure´s
Japan office?

I hope to deliver to our clients: companies and IP law firms in Japan and in Asia, the best quality of service for their IP needs in Colombia and Latin America. OlarteMoure is one of the most well-known IP law firms in Latin America: I want to extend our excellent reputation throughout the East. Likewise, we want our clients in Latin America to use our Tokyo office and our services in Asia to the best advantage of their businesses.

4. What added value does the OlarteMoure office in Tokyo offer its clients?
The opening of the Tokyo office is the result of more than five years of visits to Japan in which time we have built a trustworthy relationship with Japanese clients, law firms and with Colombian diplomatic and commercial authorities in Tokyo. We believe our presence in Tokyo can bring to our Japanese clients a better understanding of the Latin American IP system so that they may use it more efficiently and effectively to better protect their business interests in Latin America.  On the other hand, our presence in Tokyo allows us to provide our Latin American clients and business partners with immediate assistance and effective support in their business endeavors throughout Asia, particularly Japan, China, Korea, India and South-East Asia.