Bibiana Agudelo

(Trademarks Area Director)


1. Bibi, you were born and raised in Bogota. What’s it like to return to Colombia after 13 years?
​ I was born and raised in Bogota indeed. I spent most of my childhood in Bogota, although I lived abroad (Tokyo, Japan) during my high school years and later obtained an LLM in Franklin Pierce Law Center (today, University of New Hampshire) in Concord, New Hampshire. I am excited to be back in Bogota. It is important to re-connect with your roots and bring the knowledge and experience I have gained abroad to my country.

2. You’ve been in the trademark business for almost 20 years. What do you like best about your practice and what’s changed over the last two decades?
​ I like the applicability of general principles of IP in various jurisdictions. This allows a connection with the world and the possibility of bringing changes and improvement in the local practice. I believe the greatest changes I have seen are management of communications. Today, it is important to communicate and work efficiently with your clients. Modern communications involves less formalities and more effectiveness. Clients need that today. You must always be a facilitator, not a burden.

3.You’ve worked in companies like PepsiCo and in law firms like Venable, Baker & McKenzie and Crowell & Moring. How have these opportunities enriched your professional and personal experience?
These organizations have contributed tremendously to my growth as a lawyer. I have learned the view and methods that US law firms and multinational companies such as PepsiCo follow. You are constantly challenged professionally and personally in both the law firm and in-house settings. I was able to acquire skills to be more direct, efficient and organized. Also, because of these experiences, I acknowledge today a reality: no matter how experienced you are, you need to be open to new teachings and challenges. There always needs to be a balance between your level of expertise and your learning curve. I learned the latter at PepsiCo and I am grateful for this. New challenges always come your way no matter how old and experienced you become and acknowledging it does not speak less of you.

4.You joined OlarteMoure on September 1st as Trademark Director and a member of the Executive Committee. What are your expectations?
​ I expect an organization that is open to change, improvement and challenges while recognizing success and victories. I expect it to be a place with room for innovation, not only in the methods of doing things internally at the firm, but also as a means to help our clients innovate their ideas and technology. I also expect it to be a place with human values, and traditions. Innovation, productivity and efficiency are not everything you need for growth. The human factor is key to an organization. I expect OlarteMoure to be an organization where people truly matter. I am excited and honored to become part of a team that believes in all these factors and hope I can contribute to their growith