United States: Amazon tests Program to Combat Patent Infringement

As recently reported by different mass media outlets, Amazon is testing an alternative program to resolve patent infringement disputes, far away from local court jurisdictions. The new program will connect the patentee and the accused seller with an expert attorney, who will decide about the permanence of the allegedly counterfeit products in the e-platform.

The new program has been designed to resolve patent disputes within four months, at a cost of USD 4,000 at most.  The seller who desires to file an infringement complaint before Amazon’s platform must deposit USD 4,000.  If the accused party does not reply to allegations, the deposit will be refunded, and the platform will remove the counterfeit products from the e-marketplace.

Sellers will be entitled to challenge patentee’s claims by paying a USD 4,000 deposit. In any case, winners will get their money back without additional fees in Amazon’s favor.