The 30+ professionals in the OlarteMoure Patent Department, by far the largest patent team in any law firm in Colombia, share a passion for innovation and the invincible belief that strong protection of innovation promotes development and improved welfare. We take great pride in providing an unparalleled level of sophistication in our services, all in a fun and rewarding work environment. This is partly why our Patent Department is routinely recognized by clients and peers as a leader in the patent field, not only in Colombia, but also in Latin America.

A good number of our patent professionals hold dual backgrounds (science and law), something which is quite rare in the region. Additionally, over 20 of our patent associates have degrees in biomedical, mechanical, electrical, electronic, civil, aeronautical and computer engineering, chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, molecular biology, nanotechnology, optics, and industrial design, allowing us to fully grasp our clients’ technology. Finally, much of our filing and prosecution work would not be possible without the valuable support of our 8 highly experienced patent paralegals.


We are experts in drafting high quality patent applications resulting from R&D projects, working hand in hand with individual, academic and corporate inventors to broadly capture and adequately protect their solutions. In 2016, our patent department drafted 20%+ of the total resident applications filed in Colombia, making us the top drafter in the country. We prosecute most of these applications in several jurisdictions of interest.

We follow the highest standard in patent prosecution, offering detailed and practical advice in an effort to obtain the broadest and most sustainable protection possible. We manage our cases using a specialized platform that sets the standard worldwide, and have also developed our own custom tools to enhance the real-time monitoring of our entire portfolio.

Over the past ten years we have consolidated a regional practice responsible for prosecuting a sizeable portfolio of patent applications throughout Latin America. Our regional program facilitates prosecution management, centralizing communications and strategy, guaranteeing an efficient control of resources. Through our Bogota hub, we manage up to 18 Latin American countries for major players in the pharmaceutical field.

An increasing portion of our client base is made up by local universities and research institutions from both the private and public sector. We truly enjoy engaging in IP training, shifting the patent culture and building strong patent teams. The most experienced professionals from our patent team hold several teaching engagements at WIPO and leading universities in Colombia and the region.

Our very experienced patent litigators are quite content to jump into the trenches and get the enforcement job done, but also provide our clients with advice for the prevention of possible litigation, actively seeking creative solutions with the available resources and always managing expectations to ensure we are always keeping the end game in mind.

We provide many value added services like patent watches, technological surveillance, validity opinions, claim charts, freedom to operate opinions and patent landscape analysis.


Due to our 20+ year experience in the pharmaceutical field, our pharmaceutical clients recognize us as true business partners, not only in the patent field, but in general all critical areas necessary for a company to operate viably in Colombia.

Our local clients appreciate our constant attention to understanding and bringing their IP to life. This includes anything from educating a finance VP on how to correctly budget IP for the year, proactively seek monetization solutions, help identify risks and opportunities in new business models and in general help create value.

Mónica Guevara

Patents Director

Liliana Galindo

Patent Litigation and PVR Coordinator

Elsa González

Patent Prosecution Coordinator

Juliana Arroyave

Patent Search and Drafting Coordinator

Luz Marina Bulla

Patent Client Care Coordinator

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