Infographic | Organizations who understand the value of diversity and inclusion
May 20 2023
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At OlarteMoure we believe that diversity of thought, expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, place of origin and abilities strengthens us as organization. We constantly seek for creative solutions, and diverse visions enrich these processes.

Numerous organizations have made Diversity and Inclusion part of their core values too. Among these, are several of our clients and allies. That is why today, on the International Day of Diversity and Inclusion, we want to acknowledge the commitment and the specific actions they have implemented to make their D&I policies effective.

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novartis logo
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Novartis has an entire section on their web page dedicated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. In it, you can find and easily understand their values, their code of ethics, and how they try to address DE&I in a holistic fashion.
DE&I at Novartis means making visible (and embracing the distinctive creative outbursts that people in these areas may offer) disability, racial equity, parenthood in the office, and gender equity.
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ericsson logo
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Ericsson knows that D&I doesn’t only bring benefits to people, but also creates great business value. This is one of the most transparent companies regarding their D&I politics as an organization.
Their webpage displays relevant data on their employees’ age, gender, and nationality.
Ericsson also has a network for women named “Women of Ericsson,” which provides education and training.
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p&g logo
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P&G has received all sorts of recognitions for their work with equality and inclusion.
Their web page tells the stories of their employees, their brands, their partners and the communities they’ve harvested around it.
The LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, gender, race and ethnicity are at the focus of their interest.
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johnson johnson logo
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Jhonson & Jhonson promotes the importance of inclusion and equity as business policies.
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Johnson & Johnson is an innovation-based company, and diversity is at the root of innovation. We have long understood that a culture of inclusion opens the door to new ideas while ensuring that our teams reflect the communities that we serve.

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merck logo
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In Merck, inclusion and diversity are equally important. The organization has teams and programs that focus exclusively on strengthening the practice of D&I, along with traditional web-page tools that make their efforts quantifiable.
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pfizer logo
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Understanding their importance, Pfizer clearly states its values and declares that D&I “runs through everything [they] do”. Their web page gives account of the environmental turns D&I has given the organization, how they are committed with equitable pay and the different career opportunities they offer for vulnerable or less-favored population.

We are grateful to all our clients for fostering diverse and inclusive work environments and commercial relationships.

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Happy International Diversity and Inclusion Day! Let’s celebrate together by making difference a strength.