OM Weekly Digest 08/19/22
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most innovative

08/19/22 – Innovation

Colombia’s National Business Association (ANDI) published the 6th edition of its Business Innovation Ranking reviewing innovative dynamics in the Colombian business network inside several economic sectors.  Grupo Nutresa, SURA and Alpina stood out as the three most innovative companies. The ranking primarily analyzed:


  • Innovation culture 
  • Qualified human talent 
  • Relationship with the STI ecosystem 
  • Investment in STI activities 
  • IP management and protection mechanisms 


  • Product, service and process innovation 
  • Target market for innovation 
  • Generation of corporate entrepreneurship 
  • Appropriation of exponential technologies 
  • Jobs through innovation 
  • Sustainable Development Goals 

Congratulations to our clients for their efforts and commitment to innovation. Most innovative: Nutresa (1st), Alpina (3rd), Corona (4th), Esenttia (10th), Grupo Bios (14th), Conconcreto (16th), Cotecmar (19th), Terpel (22nd), Constructora Bolívar (25th), and Colsubsidio (26th). Rising above in other sub-rankings: Promigas (6th), COFCA (7th), and Grupo Familia (10th). 

IP update

08/19/22 – Technology

Arturo Luna has been announced as Colombia’s new minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation by newly elected president Petro. It will be his primary responsibility to develop and promote scientific and technological knowledge, as well as formulate public policies that promote science and technology-based growth and development.

Additionally, the United States approved the Science and Technology Act, securing USD 179 billion in investments over five years to encourage and promote research and development. 

Congressional commitments made through the Science Act illustrate the importance of prioritizing research focused on solving urgent problems. 

green business

08/19/22 – Innovation

Sustainable brands have ended up being one of the most successful business operations, bringing together environmental, economic, and social issues into our daily goods and services. Recently, Colombia’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development together with Procolombia (Colombia’s exporting agency) launched a country brand initiative to promote sustainable eco-friendly business under a “Green Seal” label, as part of a commercial strategy to enhance environmental conservation, biodiversity, and the use of generic resources. 

Some benefits green business will obtain are improvement of their competitiveness, Procolombia assessment in export activities, engagement in investment and business roundtable acceleration, and brand positioning, among others. The beneficiaries will receive certification from authorities indicating that the product or service ensures a positive environmental impact.

To determine if your product or service meets the standards to classify as a Green Business, please visit the following link.

Original source in Spanish. 

fair use

08/12/22 – Copyright

On August 9, it was determined that the unlicensed use of photographs in news articles of a digital publishing house is not allowed as a transformative fair use, given there is no evidence of an alteration of the works with an original message of its own, but a mere reproduction thereof, and basically, for commercial purposes only.

This is particularly important given its relationship to the Andy Warhol Foundation (…) v. Goldsmith case, which will soon be under review by the U.S. Supreme Court. Although the court of appeals found that there was an alteration of a photograph for the creation of Warhol’s famous Prince Series, it did not consider that such alteration constituted a transformative fair use.