OM Weekly Digest 07/08/22
July 08 2022
omwd 7 8 22
patent center

07/08/22 – Patents

USPTO’s Public Patent Application Information Retrieval (Public PAIR) tool, available since the early 2000’s will be official retired on 31 July. It will be entirely replaced by the new user-friendly Patent Center, available since 2017, for electronic patent application filing and management, having new features increasing system performance and providing a more intuitive user experience.  As Public PAIR’s successor, the Patent Center will include several enhanced features allowing users to search publicly available information by application, patent, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), publication, and/or international design registration number. It will also allow sorting documents and transaction history based on column headings, perform quick document previews, download multiple documents at once within a single PDF file or in a ZIP file, download documents in DOCX and XML formats, and download bibliographic information in XML format. Source: USPTO

automotive innovation

07/08/22 – Innovation

Colombia recently ratified the Automotive Industrialization and Sustainable Mobility Pact, establishing a commitment between government and the automotive industry to make Colombia an automotive export powerhouse and provide sustainable mobility in the region.  The pact establishes a roadmap to promote sustainable mobility by increasing supply chain productivity and exports in the sector. It also sets groundwork for assemblers to boost new investment with greater dynamism enabling their technological transformation. Original source in Spanish.

google online experience

07/08/22 – Data Privacy

Google announced it would improve the browsing experience for minors to further strengthen their protection, specifically as it pertains to their image and the content they can view. Some of the new measures include: disabling of personalized ads; restriction of sensitive category ads; guardian ability to request minor’s image appearing in “Google Images” to be removed.   These measures, in addition to following US and UK child protection regulations, highlight the fundamental role of companies in protecting privacy and the need to take measures that are adapted to the data types they process and the nature of their businesses and operations.

memorandum of understanding

07/08/22 – Innovation

Innpulsa Colombia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization, Japanese government entity dedicated to promoting trade and investment of Japan worldwide). The MoU fosters the creation of programs that facilitate and promote startup globalization in Colombia and Japan, as well as articulating the supply of opportunities in both ecosystems through activities promoting business development. In addition, joint events such as workshops, training and business missions will be carried out to connect the ecosystems of both countries.