OM Weekly Digest 06/23/22
June 23 2022
omwd 6-23-22
omwd 6-23-22
low emisions projects

06/23/22 – Innovation, Protection & Transfer

In an effort to create a list of eligible projects geared towards carbon capture measurement and low-emission hydrogen generation process studies, Colombia’s SciTech and Innovation Ministry, together with state-owned ECOPETROL announced a call to finance up to 70% of the total value of proposals in any of the two items mentioned, anywhere up to USD 435 million each.     Projects addressing aspects having a territorial approach encouraging the participation of entities from territories having a medium to low Innovation Index level will score higher, as well as individuals from war-afflicted zones or in a position of extreme vulnerability.  The call for proposals will be open through 01 July 2022. To enter your organization and upload your proposal, please access the following platform: Source in Spanish.

madrid system

06/23/22 – Innovation

The Madrid System is undergoing a renewal process by digitizing its internal procedures making them more agile and efficient for those who apply for trademark registration.

Furthermore, it was reported that all certified documents such as attestations, certificate copies and extracts are being issued in digital PDF format via e-mail and digitally signed. This is important given it streamlines a procedure that helps demonstrate the scope of the international trademark registration.

Finally, in order to warrant document authenticity, the Madrid System will continue sending copies of legalized paper documents only.


vaccine waiver

06/23/22 – Patents

On 17 June, WTO members announced an agreement on an IP rights waiver provided by the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) for patents related to COVID-19 vaccines.    Although the waiver as initially proposed by India and South Africa pretended a broader scope, the actual agreement allows a Member Country to issue a compulsory license (authorizing the use of patents without the title holder’s consent) for multiple patents related to the production of vaccines for COVID-19 for five years counted from the date of the final decision, regardless of whether that country has a compulsory licensing regime or not.  However, it was agreed that countries having the capacity to manufacture such vaccines, are encouraged to make a binding commitment not to avail themselves of this agreement.  Furthermore, the waiver does not apply for patents related to the treatment and diagnosis of COVID-19.  The agreement has been criticized by those who point out its possible negative effects on research and development and those who consider that the agreement is insufficient to achieve its purpose, given it does not solve the actual vaccination problems of the world population having nothing to do with vaccine manufacturing, but rather related to other issues in its distribution or even resistance to vaccination. Measures against IP do not solve these issues but may rather raise doubts for innovators.


06/23/22 – Corporate

We are proud to announce that we have advised Rocsa Colombia in the acquisition process by Azelis, a leading global innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry.    The addition of ROCSA’s portfolio of products and capabilities is a significant milestone in Azelis’ growth strategy in South America. See   We would like to thank our attorney team who made this possible: Juan G. Moure, Andrés Felipe Alonso, Camilo Andrade, María Angélica Parada and Daniella Chahin.