2 October, 2019
OlarteMoure - Indecopi - Perú

Peru: Specialized Chamber on Unfair Competition and Antitrust Law (Indecopi) hits three companies for anti-competitive behavior

The Indecopi Tribunal, confirmed 26 August 2019 a sanction against Lima Gas S.A., Solgas S.A., Zeta Gas Andino S.A., and six company executives, due to the violation of […]
1 October, 2019
OlarteMoure -

Colombia: OlarteMoure among most prominent firms in Unfair Competition and Antitrust according to The Legal 500

The Legal 500 recently published a ranking featuring a group of 20 local firms for their work related to unfair business competition and antitrust procedures, among which OlarteMoure’s […]
30 September, 2019
OlarteMoure - Litigios - Colombia

Colombia: New bill seeks to amend IP annulment action procedure

Minister of Justice, Margarita Cabello Blanco, and the President of the Council of State (supreme court for administrative matters in Colombia), Lucy Jeanette Bermúdez, recently introduced Bill […]
11 September, 2019
OlarteMoure -

United States: United States District Court orders damages of 2.78 million dollars against the creators of the song “Dark Horse” for plagiarising “Joyful Noise”

On August 1st, the Jury of the United States District Court for the Central District of California ordered damages of 2.78 million dollars against the creators […]
10 September, 2019

Colombia: Council of State rules on admission of an annulment action filed against Resolution setting caps for certain medications

Recently, the Council of State (Colombian Supreme Court for administrative matters) formally admitted an annulment action initiated by a Colombian citizen against Resolution 0243 issued 31 […]
9 September, 2019
OlarteMoure - Tratado de Marrakech - Colombia

Colombia: Bill ratifying the Marrakesh Treaty is filed

By the end of August, the Ministry of Internal Affairs had filed before congress bill #138 seeking to approve treaty which “facilitates access to published works for blind, […]
23 August, 2019
OlarteMoure - Licencia General No. 27 -

United States – Venezuela: US Treasury Department grants General License No. 27

The United States Department of the Treasury granted License No. 27 authorizing transactions in connection with patent, trademark, copyright or other form of intellectual property protection in […]
22 August, 2019
OlarteMoure - Visita Administrativa - Colombia

Colombia: SIC hits Uber for obstructing administrative visit

The Colombian unfair competition and antitrust authority (SIC) sanctioned Uber Colombia with COP 2.1 billion, for obstructing an administrative visit at the company’s facilities, as well as for […]
21 August, 2019
OlarteMoure - Crecimiento de la Economia Naranja

Colombia: Government signs new deal for further developing Colombia’s innovation-driven Orange Economy

In recent days, the government signed a new deal for further fostering the innovation-driven Orange Economy, aiming to promote creative industries in the country,  and encouraging the growth […]
20 August, 2019
OlarteMoure - Oficina en Cali - Colombia

Colombia: OlarteMoure opens new office in Cali

Driven by innovation as our main passion and always endorsing public and private regional initiatives aiming to boost the development of Colombia’s Pacific region through the […]
15 August, 2019
OlarteMoure - tren subterráneo - Brasil

Brazil: Brazilian antitrust authority hits 11 companies and 42 individuals for rigging bids for subway construction

Following a six year investigation, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) has fined different companies and individuals for a total of EUR 126 million for rigging bids […]
14 August, 2019
OlarteMoure - Informes de situación militar - Unión Europea

European Union: The Court of Justice of the European Union assessed copyright protection of military situation reports drafted by the German government

On September 27, 2012, Funke Medien requested access to the military situation reports (Unterrichtung des Parlaments “UdP”), prepared by the German government between September 1, 2001, […]
13 August, 2019
OlarteMoure - Autoridad Colombiana en Metrología - Colombia

Colombia: SIC sanctions pharma corporations for the sale of medications in excess of ceiling prices

On 31 July, the Colombian National Authority on Metrology (SIC) hit pharmaceutical companies for failing to comply with Circular 04 of 2012, issued by the National Commission […]
12 August, 2019
OlarteMoure - Convocatoria Nacional - Colombia

Colombia: Colciencias launches nationwide call to support patent application filings and IP management

On July 19, Colciencias launched a nationwide call to support patent application filings and intellectual property management, seeking to bolster activities related to the protection of inventions derived […]
23 July, 2019

Mexico: Circuit Court grants compensation equivalent to damages, plus 40% of the infringing product sales as punitive damages

A Mexican Circuit Court recently used Article 221bis of the Mexican Industrial Property Law known as “the 40% rule” to grant  compensation comparable to punitive damages in the […]
22 July, 2019
OlarteMoure - Convenio de la haya

Global: New Hague Convention seeks to facilitate global enforcement

On 2 July 2019, the delegates at the Diplomatic Session of the Hague Conference on Private International Law, after almost 30 years of efforts, adopted the Convention […]
11 July, 2019

Addressing trademark infringement and misuses in Social Media

Social media has become an important tool to connect with one another and as a means to promote one’s business ideas.  Visibility of products or services […]
5 July, 2019
OlarteMoure - registro de marca de color - Colombia

Colombia: Andean Community Supreme Court rules in favor of the Colombian Trademark Office, regarding color trademark registration

Suit was filed in 2015 at the Andean Supreme Court against the Colombian Trademark Office for allegedly granting the right of registration of a color trademark […]
4 July, 2019

Blockchain and Intellectual Property

The concept behind blockchain is simple and that is what makes it a threat or an enormous opportunity for the world as we perceive and know […]
4 July, 2019
OlarteMoure - Licencia -

Colombia: Colombian Copyright Office condemned IMDICOL to indemnify Microsoft for using unlicensed software

In a decision issued 2 May 2019, the Colombian Copyright Office condemned IMDICOL LTDA to indemnify Microsoft on the amount of COP 12,659,999, for the use of […]