13 April, 2018

Ecuadorian Office of Intellectual Property is transformed: it will retain competence over all IP matters

In the next months (and as result of Decree 356 issuance –which took place on 3 April 2018- ), the Ecuadorian Patent and Trademark Office (IEPI in Spanish) was […]
22 March, 2018

IP stars firm survey 2018 | OlarteMoure Patent TIER 1

Managing Intellectual Property Following the publication of our trade mark rankings in the February issue, we now present the leading firms for patent work worldwide  
15 March, 2018

European Commission investigates Visa for allegedly excessive charges to tourists who use their credit cards in the European Union

On 27 February 2018, Visa has been battling accusations that it charges tourists excessive fees when they use their cards in the European Union.  In the next […]
14 March, 2018

International clothing brands are accused of plagiarizing Mexican indigenous embroidery designs

On 26 February 2018, approximately eight clothing brands were accused of having plagiarized designs of indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Chiapas and Hidalgo (Mexico). These brands (within which […]
13 March, 2018

The Andean Community will update Decision 516 of 2002, on cosmetic products

On 28 February 2018, the Colombian Regulatory Authority (INVIMA in Spanish) informed that the Andean Community (CAN in Spanish) formulated a draft decision on the updating of […]
12 March, 2018

USPTO’s PTAB: Indigenous autonomy does not apply to patents and intellectual property issues

On 23 February 2018, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board of the USPTO determined that indigenous autonomy does not apply to patents and intellectual property matters. […]
9 March, 2018

Colombian Copyright Office condemned a TV service provider for infringing the rights of audiovisual producers represented by a Collective Management Organization

On 7 February 2018, Colombia’s Copyright Office issued a decision in a lawsuit promoted by a Collective Management Organization (EGEDA COLOMBIA), against a TV service provider (CABLETELCO […]
8 March, 2018

Gilead wins reversal of $2.54 billion hepatitis C drug patent verdict

On 17 February 2018, a USD $2.54 billion verdict against Gilead infringement related with Merck Hep-C patents was overturned. In the first instance judgment –occurred on December […]
6 March, 2018

American judge considers that one of Taylor Swift’s songs lacks originality and creativity

On 13 February 2018, a Federal District Court Judge in Los Angeles dismissed a copyright infringement case against Taylor Swift.  In his opinion, the allegedly infringing lyrics used by […]
5 March, 2018

Argentina and Venezuela were included in the blacklist of countries that don’t respect Intellectual Property rights

On February 2018, Venezuela and Argentina were at the bottom of the ranking developed by the Global Innovation Policy Center (GIPC) of the US Chamber of […]
2 March, 2018

Colombia’s entry into the OECD is pending, for non-compliance of commitments in Intellectual Property

On 25 February 2018, United States sent a letter to the Colombian Government, in which specifies a series of commitments on intellectual property that Colombia must fulfill […]
1 March, 2018

Government of Brazil issued regulatory decree for innovation law and research project generation

On 9 February 2018, the Brazilian Government published a decree regulating science, technology and innovation legal framework.  The new regulation will make possible the research and innovation […]
28 February, 2018

Colombia authorizes sale of ExxonMobil lubricant business to Terpel, but confirms conditions in fuel business

On February 16, 2018 –and further to previous news on the subject-, the Colombian Antitrust Authority (SIC in Spanish) authorized the sale of the lubricants business […]
27 February, 2018

Peruvian Antitrust Authority introduced antidumping measures to Chinese Companies in the zipper market

On 19 February 2018, the Peruvian Antitrust Authority (INDECOPI in Spanish) imposed antidumping duties on zipper imports and its original parts that are produced in China, after […]
26 February, 2018

Mexico’s announced an investigation to e-commerce platform services for abuse of dominant position

On 1 February 2018, Mexico’s Competition Authority (COFECE in Spanish) initiated an investigation about the enforcement of possible antitrust practices in the market for e-commerce platform services […]
23 February, 2018

Graffiti artists obtained a favorable judgment for 6.7 million dollars

On 12 February 2018, a New York Federal Judge issued a judgment in favor of 21 graffiti artists who had denounced a property owner located in Queens […]
22 February, 2018

Uber and Waymo have reached a settlement in lawsuit for theft of trade secrets

On 9 February 2018, Uber and Waymo lawsuit for theft of trade secrets came to an end, since the parties reached a settlement in which Uber is […]
21 February, 2018

Known artist arraigns 5 New York museums with an antitrust suit

On 6 February 2018 –and according to Bloomberg-, the known painter “Art Bastard” impacted the art establishment with a US$100 million proposed class action, in which […]
19 February, 2018

WHO declared the main ingredient in medical cannabis nonaddictive and nontoxic

On 10 November 2017, the World Health Organization Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECCD) issued a statement in which recommends not cataloging cannabidol (CBD) as a psychoactive […]
16 February, 2018

Peruvian Consumer Rights Authority would sanction Cencosud for importing canned goods with parasites

On February 6 2018, the Peruvian Consumer Rights Authority (INDECOPI in Spanish) initiated an administrative proceeding against Cencosud –a Chilean retailer with important market share in […]