New colombian geographical indication
geographical indication
Five years after Colombia’s request, the European Union announced the recognition of geographical indication of the Bocadillo Veleño. This will facilitate its commercialization in Europe and will give greater value to this product.

There are now 14 Colombian products that the European bloc has recognized as geographical indications. It continues working to achieve the recognition of other designations of origin. Among those already recognized are Coffee from Colombia, Cauca, Nariño, Huila and Santander; Cholupa and Achira biscuit from Huila. Also, the Paipa and Caquetá cheeses; the Clavel de Colombia, the Rosa de Colombia, the Crisantemo de Colombia and the Arroz de la Meseta de Ibagué.

It is important to note that European Union regulations only protect geographical indications for agricultural products, foodstuffs and wines, but not for artisanal and industrial products, so it is currently not possible to recognize appellations of origin such as Ráquira ceramics or the aguadeño hat.

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