México: Mezcal producers required IMPI to prevent states with no Mezcal tradition from obtaining a protected designation of origin
November 02 2018

In August 2018, some mezcal producers protested against the Intellectual Property Office (IMPI in Spanish) to prevent the inclusion of Morelos, the State of Mexico and Aguascalientes in the designation of origin for Mezcal.  In this sense, on 8 October 2018,the Mexican Mezcal Quality Regulating Council warned that the increase of designation of origin federation entities for the production of mezcal, could generate an economic crisis in those municipalities currently producing the traditional beverage.

For an entity to be part of the designation of origin, it must demonstrate it has an endemic maguey (wild-type variety), ancestral production and cultural persistence.  Producers demand that the granting of a protected designation of origin must be carried out through an impartial and strictly technical process.

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