IP in Colombia’s national development plan
November 18 2022
IP prioritized in colombia

The new Colombian government published the basis of the National Development Plan (PND), which defines the essential elements of the government’s plan for the years 2022 to 2026, to be submitted to Congress on February 7.

The main axes of the document are: 1) territorial planning; 2) human security and social justice; 3) food sovereignty; 4) energy transformation; and 5) regional convergence.

Under the second axis, this plan identified the use of intellectual property as one of its pillars and determined its commitment to formulating public policies that contribute to the growth and development of the country based on science and technology, promote awareness strategies for the recognition and use of intellectual property rights, and promote programs focused on technology enlistment, protection an intellectual property management.

It is of great importance to highlight that the basis of the PND proposes that part of the fees collected on industrial property will be reinvested in the promotion of the Intellectual Property System of the country and in the strengthening of programs focused on the enlistment of technology, protection and management of industrial property.