India: India approves PPH pilot program with Japanese Patent Office

Indian government recently approved a PPH pilot program with the Japanese Patent Office (JPO). A PPH is an international cooperation instrument for streamlining patent prosecution, by considering favorable examinations issued by foreign counterparts.

The pilot program will be implemented for three years, and the Indian Patent Office (IPO) will only receive applications related to specific technological fields. In this regard, only applications concerning electrical and electronic engineering, computer science, information technology, physics, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, textile, automobile, and metallurgical fields will be considered. The Japanese office, on the other hand, will receive any patent application regardless of their specific technological field.

With the PPH pilot program, the IPO seeks a reduction in the patent prosecution backlog, a quality improvement on substantive examinations, and a significant incentive for Indian inventors to seek protection in Japan by means of an expedited examination process.