For Copyright infringement, Peru suspends “3 Reyes” World Cup album sale

On 6 April 2018, the Copyright Office of Peru (INDECOPI in Spanish) imposed cessation precautionary measures against Capri Internacional S.A. y 3.0 Consulting Group S.A.C., ordering the suspension in the commercialization of stickers corresponding to the “World Cup Russia 2018” album -identified under the name “3 Kings” -, as well as ordering the removal of protected recordings of the “Virtual Stickers” application (linked to the aforementioned album).

The precautionary measure was imposed because the information contained therein infringes copyright and related rights. The foregoing, since the album uses images protected by copyright without the authorization of its owners, which additionally provides instructions to download the application “Virtual Stickers”, which used recordings of football matches without authorization from its titleholders.