European Union: Two major car manufacturers joined an antitrust complaint against Nokia

Continental and Valeo, two of the most relevant companies in the European car parts market, have joined an antitrust complaint initiated against Nokia before the European Commission (EC).

As far as claimants’ allegations are concerned,  Nokia is not executing fair practices when it comes to licensing necessary technology for powering car navigation systems, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and self-driving cars. Moreover, some of the claimants’ allegations state Nokia’s refusal to license individual mobile components, leads to set aside all fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms  for granting licensees over “standard-essential patents”.

Nokia, on the other hand, has stated that such claims are nothing but the latest effort in a long series of actions from some companies to avoid taking proper license when it comes to using Nokia’s technology. The complaints are currently under EC analysis.