Dominican Republic: New deadline for adapting and complying with labeling provisions of prepackaged food and beverages

As reported by ULISES CABRERA ABOGADOS, the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) issued a new deadline for adapting and complying with the provisions for labeling of domestic and imported prepackaged food and beverages contained in the Dominican NORDOM Standard 53. The term granted is 3 months, expiring 3 January 2020. Once this term expires, sanctions may be imposed such as: removal of the products in circulation, destruction or denaturation of products, as well as fines and closure of establishments, in accordance with provisions contained in the General Health Law and other applicable regulations.

Main label requirements are:

  • Labels must be in Spanish;
  • Label content should not disappear under normal use conditions.
  • Information on labels must be truthful and legible, not likely to cause error, confusion or deceit.
  • Labeling must contain at least:

1) Name of the food or drink;
2) List of ingredients;
3) Net Content and drained weight;
4) Name and address of manufacturer, packer, distributor, importer, exporter or seller;
5) Industrial registration number (if applicable) and health registration;
6) Country of origin;
7) Lot identification;
8) Date and instructions for preservation;
9) Irradiated food declaration (when applicable);
10) Additional mandatory requirements according to product type.