We understand our clients’ participation in the market requires ongoing support specialized in Competition Law within the categories of Unfair Competition and Competition Restrictive Practices.

The support our firm provides goes from legal audition, concept preparation, arbitration and rendering of contracts, manuals, and regulations from the competition’s point of view. We also do ads and commercial activity’s revision, analysis of your company and its competition, measuring the need of informing integration operations to the authorities and support during governmental approval proceedings, representation during investigations regarding competition regime (Unfair Competition and Competition Restrictive Practices) and consumer’s protection. Additionally, we provide support and guidance to obtain necessary supporting evidence. We see competition regime, also, as a preventive and reactive mechanism against third parties’ commercial strategies that might affect our clients, in which case we actively react.

Our Firm has supported companies to achieve agreements with the authorities in terms of competition, a well as to devise and implement strategies to strengthen their position in the market.

These practices usually require our Firm’s different divisions to take part in economic market analysis, to use their technical knowledge of some factors that could alter your company’s behavior, litigation coming from the activation of such legal mechanism, among others. That is why our clients not only get personalized attention from a lawyer, but also support by our Firm’s multidisciplinary teams.

Camilo Andrade M.

Practice Co-Chair - Antitrust, Unfair Competition & Consumer Law

Santiago Lombana

Practice Co-Chair - Antitrust, Unfair Competition & Consumer Law

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