Colombia: New resolution explains how medical products not included in basic health benefit plan will be paid

On 15 November 2019, the General Social Security Fund Administration (ADRES) issued Resolution 41656 of 2019, through which alternative courses are set for the verification, control, and payment of non basic health benefit plan services over which sections 237 and 240 of Law 1955 of 2019 do not apply.

Entities seeking a third-party collection must submit before ADRES an MYT-R Format, signed by the legal representative and auditor or certified public accountant, stating: i) if the information complies with data submission requirements pursuant to section 5 of the Resolution; ii) if health services  provided were warranted; iii) if billing complies with tax regulations, and if service fees were agreed upon according to market value with Health Providers or other suppliers and pharmaceutical vendors.