Colombia: More than 85 thousand counterfeit products were seized in different cities

On 15 November 2018, the National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute (INVIMA in Spanish) issued a statement announcing the confiscation of more than 85,000 fraudulent products that put the health of Colombians at risk, and made the authority’s intention clear of the upfront battle against crime.

A simultaneous operation was carried out that generated the following results: in Armenia, 49,697 fraudulent and adulterated drug products (homeopathic, phytotherapeutic), dietary supplements, food, so-called “sexual enhancers” and cosmetic products were confiscated.  In Medellin, 33,257 high-cost medications, institutional use and fraudulent and adulterated medical devices were seized.  And within the metropolitan area of ​​Pereira, 2,504 units of fraudulent and adulterated medications and food products were confiscated.

Some of these products have a health alert issued by INVIMA (in Spanish) given they are considered fraudulent and others possibly entered the country illegally from the United States, Cuba and Ecuador.

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