Colombia: Government issues new policy for digital transformation and artificial intelligence

Colombia recently passed a new National Policy for Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence, aiming to promote the strategic use of digital technologies in the country. The policy endeavors all the necessary changes to prepare the country for the new challenges and opportunities stemming from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Among other goals, the policy seeks to reduce the barriers that currently block the implementation of digital technologies, by fostering innovation and encouraging the growth of technically skilled human capital. Some of the obstacles identified by the government are the lack of knowledge around technologies, low promotion thereof, and the lack of preparation for public implementation.

In the short term, the policy sets a course of action that assigns the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism, the responsibility of creating a line of services for digital transformation. In this regard, Colombian companies will receive diagnosis and support from the Ministry, for the efficient implementation of new technologies in the workplace.

Under this roadmap, the accomplishment of goals set forth by the policy will take place within the following five (5) years, under an approximate investment of COP 121.6 billion.

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