Colombia: Denomination of origin protection of black crafts of the Chamba region in Tolima is granted

Colombian trademark office grants a DO to black handicrafts made in Chamba, Guamo, Tolima. The news came from Ana María Fríes, Director of Artesanías de Colombia and Juliana Márquez, mother of Colombian President Ivan Duque. This statement is a recognition to the effort made by Guamo artisans for the many years of maintaining the quality in their crafts. A designation of origin, besides designating the product, also indicates the geographical origin and its features and qualities.

This achievement, in addition to being a reward to artisan families that have been making handicrafts for years, is a collective right that fosters social and economic development of communities by bringing several benefits: production process quality certification, origin certification, ease for consumers to identify original products and increases economic activity in the sector.

Currently, Colombia has 28 denominations of origin amongst agricultural and handicraft products, some of the most recognized being: Café de Colombia (coffee), Bocadillo Veleño (guava), Queso Paipa (cheese), Rosa de Colombia (roses), Sombrero Aguadeño (hats), Cerámica del Carmen de Viboral (ceramic crafts), and Tejeduría Wayuú (knitted products).