29 April, 2019

World: WIPO launches new artificial intelligence tool for image searching

WIPO recently announced the launching of its new AI-powered technology for identifying trademark image similarities. The tool, based on machine learning algorithms, works as a search engine […]
25 April, 2019

Argentina: The Government of Argentina issues Decree regulating the recently modified Trademark Law

On 29 March 2019, the Argentinian Government issued Decree No. 242/19 regulating provisions of the recently amended Trademark Law. The Decree will become effective on 3 June […]
24 April, 2019

Andean Community: Andean Court of Justice (ACJ) sets guidelines for resolving cybersquatting cases

By means of a recently published Prejudicial Interpretation (PI), the ACJ set guidelines for resolving cybersquatting cases in the Andean Community countries. The PI was issued […]
23 April, 2019

Colombia: Superintendencies in Colombia no longer carrying out court inspections

The Colombian Supreme Court on Constitutional matters stated last 11 April 2019 that the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) and the Superintendence of Corporations (SSC) will not […]
22 April, 2019

Colombia: Film-making Act strongly encourages activity in Colombia

Through a Proimágenes Colombia report shared exclusively with Semana, the economic effects of the Act promoting cinematographic activity in Colombia over the past five years were […]
18 April, 2019

Colombia: Managing IP Americas Awards 2019 winners revealed

On 4 april 2019, The Managing IP Americas Awards ceremony was held in New York City. The evening honored the best IP achievements by worldwide law firms. The […]
16 April, 2019

Brazil: Brazil prepares to join the Madrid Protocol

Last 3 April, the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies approved the Bill on International Treaty “Protocol referring to the Madrid Agreement on International Registration of Marks”, better known […]
15 April, 2019

Colombia: Entrepreneurs who invest in science and technology could receive tax breaks

In fostering science, technology and innovation, the Colombian government approved a COP one billion appropriation in tax benefits for those entrepreneurs who certify investments in these sectors. Companies […]
10 April, 2019

Colombia: ranked fourth in Latin America in patent applications according to WIPO

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recently published the patent application ranking of the 170 member countries. Regarding the LatAm region, Colombia ranked fourth, wherein 163 patent applications […]
9 April, 2019

EU and UK: What will happen to trademarks after Brexit?

Even though the Brexit deadline was 29 March 2019, the parts have agreed that the UK will remain in the EU a few more days, in […]
4 April, 2019

Colombia: Constitutional Court clarifies that, on social networks, an accusation must be sufficiently intense for a constitutional judge to limit the right of freedom of speech

Ruling T-102/19 determined that not any hurtful or shocking expression constitutes per se a violation of fundamental rights and that for this to happen, it must be […]
3 April, 2019

Colombia: Competition Office objects to M&A deal of two Colombian chemical companies

An M&A between QUIMPAC and MEXICHEM was objected to by the Colombian Competition Office on 12 March 2019. The operation involves the acquisition of 100% of MEXICHEM by […]
2 April, 2019

Peru: Peru joins Global PPH, for accelerated patent prosecution with 25 of the most relevant patent offices worldwide

The Peruvian Patent Office (PPO) announced that the Global Patent Prosecution Highway (Global PPH) has come into force in the country. With Global PPH, applicants in Peru will […]
1 April, 2019

India: Indian government encourages women to patent

According to the draft rules published by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India, which modified part of the patent’s prosecution process in the country, a patent […]
29 March, 2019

WIPO announced that during 2018 the number of cases regarding Cybersquatting reached a record figure of 3,447 disputes

According to WIPO, General Director, Francis Gurry, domain names involving fraud and phishing or counterfeit goods are the main concerns that trademark owners claim in their […]
28 March, 2019

Colombia: Competition Office sanctions companies for collusion in bidding process

On 31 January 2019, the Colombian Competition Office (SIC) sanctioned PROYECTAR INGENIERÍA S.A.S. and DESARROLLAMOS INGENIERIAS S.A.S. for collusion in a bidding process in 2013. The […]
27 March, 2019

EU: Spotify files antitrust complaint against Apple before the European Commission

On 13 March 2019, the Founder and CEO of Spotify announced that his company filed an antitrust complaint against Apple before the European Commission. The spokesman of the […]
26 March, 2019

Colombia: Final deadline for renewing protected plant variety registrations is 31 March

On 8 March 2019 the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) reminded both breeders and legal representatives that the deadline to pay renewal fees for breeder’s rights expires 31 March. […]
20 March, 2019

Colombia: Government presents the “Crea Colombia” seal, created to promote the orange (innovation) economy

The Second National Council on Orange Economy took place last 8 March led by the President and the Ministry of Culture. During the event, the government launched […]
19 March, 2019

USA: USA Supreme Court holds that copyrights must be registered before filing infringement suits

United States Supreme Court Decision in Fourth Estate Public Benefits Corp. v. Wall-Street.com case, on 4 march 2019, stated that copyrights must be registered before copyright holders can enforce […]