15 March, 2018

European Commission investigates Visa for allegedly excessive charges to tourists who use their credit cards in the European Union

On 27 February 2018, Visa has been battling accusations that it charges tourists excessive fees when they use their cards in the European Union.  In the next […]
27 February, 2018

Peruvian Antitrust Authority introduced antidumping measures to Chinese Companies in the zipper market

On 19 February 2018, the Peruvian Antitrust Authority (INDECOPI in Spanish) imposed antidumping duties on zipper imports and its original parts that are produced in China, after […]
16 February, 2018

Peruvian Consumer Rights Authority would sanction Cencosud for importing canned goods with parasites

On February 6 2018, the Peruvian Consumer Rights Authority (INDECOPI in Spanish) initiated an administrative proceeding against Cencosud –a Chilean retailer with important market share in […]
18 May, 2006

Peru: if You go to the Supermarket, Take Your Piggybank

As in many countries, in Peru it has become commonplace for consumer’s rights protection associations to question the merchant practice of rounding cents (e.g.  if your […]
4 June, 2004

Decision in Action for Defense of Colective Rights on Pesticides and Public Health

In an important ruling dated May 27, the State Administrative Tribunal of Cundinamarca issued a first stance decision in an action for defense collective rights (“Acción […]