CAN – Andean Community approves Decision that harmonizesquality and health safety standards of marketed cosmetics in the region.

On 26 November 2018, the Andean Community approved Decision 833, which will come into force 26 November 2019.  This Decision will harmonizequality standards of cosmetic products originating in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

The decision will regulate production, storage, import and commercialization of cosmetics. It establishes, on one hand, that all cosmetic products must be manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices, and on the other, that importing establishments must comply with Good Storage Practices.

Additionally, the norm establishes that products marketed for prevention, treatment or diagnosis of diseases that are swallowed, inhaled, injected or implanted in the human body will NOT be considered cosmetic products.  With the issue of this Decision, procedural and administrative specifications are also updated and aspects regulated in other current regulations are consolidated in order to avoid repeated provisions.

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