30 noviembre, 2017

In OlarteMoure we start again! We started in Tokyo – Japan

  Carlos Parra (Head of Tokyo Office) Interview 1. Carlos, you had lived in Japan for about 5 years: after living in Colombia for almost ten […]
10 noviembre, 2017

Competencia Desleal – Antipiratería Y Antifalsificación – Medidas En Frontera (Barranquilla)

7 marzo, 2017

WELCOME | Beatriz Morales

  Beatriz Morales (Barranquilla Regional Manager) Interview 1. Beatriz, you were born and raised in Cartagena but have been living in Bogota for almost 16 years. […]
19 enero, 2017

WELCOME BACK | Ana María Frieri

  Ana María Frieri (Of-Counsel) Interview 1.AMF you were one of the founding partners of OlarteMoure. How does it feel to return to the firm after […]
2 septiembre, 2016

HOMECOMING | Bibiana Agudelo

  Bibiana Agudelo (Trademarks Area Director) Interview 1. Bibi, you were born and raised in Bogota. What’s it like to return to Colombia after 13 years? […]
2 marzo, 2016

Entrevista Oded Shoseyov

30 septiembre, 2015

AIPF 2015 ANNUAL MEETING (Association of Intellectual Property Firms)

Sep. 30 – Oct 2. AIPF ANNUAL MEETING, Toronto – Canadá. Carlos Olarte, Juan Guillermo Moure.
29 octubre, 2013

XIII Expociencia Expotecnología 2013

OlarteMoure se encuentra participando en la feria  Expociencia Expotecnología 2013, los invitamos a que visiten nuestro Stand, nos encontramos ubicados en el pabellón 6 stand 319. […]